Professional Amusement Equipment Manufacturer with TUV,RoHS,CE

Company Profile

WFA always adhere to implement International standards,adopt advanced patent technology and meet Export EU CE certification and German TUV&United States ASTM testing.WFA amusement equipment only uses certified quality materials  to manufacture the quality amusement rides,which means all rides conform to the quality standards of amsuement rides.WFA products’ useful life are up to 20 years,which help customers highly minimize their costs of operation and maintenance.

Each product in WFA is original&patented design.Our products have covered every corner of the world,to spread happiness to every passenger that playing amusement games.

After years of expansion of China market,WFA has successfully cooperated with Wanda KIDS PLACE(Wanda Group),Whale’s Happy World(Eurasia Group),Su-ning Red Baby Brand(Su-ning Commerce Group) and other enterprises,which achieved sound progress.We sincerely invite you to get to know World Fun Attractions and look forward to cooperating with you!Let’s work hand-in-hand,to create more profitable value to you!



If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to reach out to customer service team.

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