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Flying Chair Golden Childhood Midway Rides

Swing ride or chair swing ride (chair or plane, yo-yo, flying swing, swing carousel or wave swinger) is a kind of flying tower ride, a version of carousel ride greatly popular with the public. The swing ride from World Fun Attraction resembles a large umbrella or mushroom (shaking its head) suspending a number of beautiful, exquisite and safe hanging seats. When the large umbrella turns, the hanging chairs spin and drift wavily in the air. Riders on the seats will have a feeling of flying like a bird and experience a huge amount of stimuli and pleasure. The spinning swing ride is a large-scale entertainment facility integrated with multiple motion modes including rotation, lifting and variational inclination, just like the carousel ride, revolving rise and fall. That’s the reason why the flying chair ride is also known as swing carousel in theme park. The yoyo swing ride from World-Fun Attraction mainly consists of three parts: one central supporting column, rotating umbrella top and chain chairs. The ride

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