Professional Amusement Equipment Manufacturer with TUV,RoHS,CE

Pirate Theme


Hammerhead Shark Racing Car



Get into Hammerhead Shark!

Get away from the horrible attack!

 Caribbean Eddy Carousel



The battle is lasting for long time.

Who will be the winner?

Greedy Dragon Mini Frisbee



The only good one among greedy dragon.

Evil can not overcome Justic!

Pirate Park Soft Play


Pirate Paradise

Captain He's treasure island

Are there really invaluable jewels here?

Smart Plane Kiddie Rides



Fighter Plane

Pirate Theme Series


Tank Kiddie Rides



Fighter Tank

Pirate Theme Series


Drill Kiddie Rides



Fighter Drill

Pirate Theme Series


Submarine Kiddie Rides



Fighter Submarine

Pirate Theme Series


Go-Kart Kiddie Rides


Fighter Kart

Pirate Theme Series


Pirate Ship


Captain Jack

Let's follow up Captain Jack

To gallop in the stormy sea!

Crane Machine


Treasure Chest

Hidden under the sea

Who will end up owing them?