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Jungle Theme


Swan County Spinning Rides


Jungle Love

Princess Swan & Prince Swan

A touching love story in SWAN COUNTY.

Family Roller Coaster


Jungle Adventure

Hey guys!Follow me!

We're going on a BIG adventure!

Animal Carousel


Jungle Party

Who is the King of Jungle?

Monkey,Kangaroo or Tiger?

Flying Chair


Jungle Swing

Every child is born with angel wings.

They can fly to anywhere they want!

Apple Carousel


Worm Family

Yumy yumy!

We're the TOP 1 cleaner in Jungle city!

Musical Revolving Cups


Cup Family


We're the Cup Bands in Jungle city!

Spin Tackle Roller Coaster


Ladybird Family


We're the pretty gardener in Jungle city!

Rabbit Revolving Cups


Rabbit Family

Toot Toot...

We''re the fastest mailman in Jungle city!