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We,WFA,will try our best to keep our promises,to reward our customer and society.

We,WFA,will take our whole life to focus on Children Amusement Equipment!

Merry go around,Colorful Memories,Joyous Chilhood,World Fun Attractions!

This is LOVE!


World Fun to make the Fun World

In 2009 winter, I met Mike and it’s the second year I worked in the amusement equipment  industry . It’s my first time to find such a wonderful place in the world ,that was DISNEYLAND in Orlando,United State.Such a realistic fairy tale world in front of my eyes!

Coincidentally,in the other side of the castle, I met Mike who comes from UK with more than 20 years significant experience in amusement equipment industry(full gamut of rides:merry go round,flying chairs,pirate ship,F1 racing car,pendulum,kiddie rides,bumper car,soft play,revolving trains,crane machine,thrill rides,ferris wheel,roller coaster).At that time, Mike was participating in one of Disney projects who had the same love and persistence for amusement attractions like me!


A decade ago, theme parks were just getting started in China while most kids had no idea of amusement park , roller coaster,merry go round,or even Disneyland! At that moment, I found my goal life: I wanna go back to China to establish an amusement equipment factory, to create an entertainment dreams factory for children all over the world!Fabricating happiness,Spreading happiness!Disney inspired me to produce amusement products that kids love,innovative&original,funny experience and instructive,leading enterprise to move forward!


On June 20, 2011, after two years’ preparations, World Fun Attractions Industry Company was successfully registered overseas,aiming at international market . On November 18 of the same year 2011, "DISNEE RIDES MANUFACTURING (GZ) Co., LTD" was registered in China and officially put into production. At the same time, I invited Mike to join our company as a strategic partner.